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Wood Chipper / Shredder Machine Manufacturer in India

In order to grant an optimal shredding process these are available with one rotor systems and it is also Know as wood chipper machine manufacturer in India.

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How Do Wood Chipper Machines Work?

Wood chipper is generally used for chipping wood waste and logs. Raw material is feed with the help of belt conveyor into chamber via supportive rollers, feeded raw material is crushed by bits fitted in drum, and finished crushed material comes out with the help of output belt conveyor. 

What is the Function of a Wood Chipper Machine?

A tree chipper or wood chipper is a device designed to transform wood, usually tree branches or trunks, into small wood chips.

Best Wood Chipper Machine Manufacturer

Jay Khodiyar Wood chipper Machine is used for converting the Wood Logs into wood powder. It is designed to take all types of wood log material i.e. hardwood, softwood etc. Jay Khodiyar wood powder making Machine/ Sawdust Making Machine is strong enough to go through wet or dry logs, tree trunks & logs and turn them into sawdust in one go.

The high tech advance design turns Wood Log into wood dust powder Machine delivers the best result with high efficiency. Wood powder, wood chipping Machine is fully controlled with Auto Control Panel to get the most out of it, making Sawdust from Wood Logs is easy.

Using wood chippers developed especially for this material by Jay Khodiyar, you can turn this wood log waste in high calorific value wood chips, wood powder, you can use this wood chip material in briquette fuel industry, pellet industry, boilers industry, furnaces industry and even in biomass power plants. We can specially customise our wood chipper machine for higher production as per your request.

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