Briquetting Machine In Sri Lanka

Jay Khodiyar as manufacturer, exporter & supplier of the briquetting machine & Briquetting Plant In Sri Lanka.

Briquetting Machine Manufacturer In Sri Lanka

Rice, Tea & oilseeds crops are majorly grown in the country like Sri Lanka which is another developing country which is facing the problem of environment along with the industrial & other development. It is but natural that if we go for agriculture developmentthan pollution is going to occur but if we are smart enough we can also find the other substitute i.e. white coal briquettes instead of fossil fuel which creates the big amount of pollution.

Now we are having substitute i.e. bio coal briquettes worldly known as Briquettes & can be made from the waste of the agriculture & forestry. The rice which is the main crop of the Sri Lanka has too much waste in form of rice husk which are wasted every year. Sri Lanka is experiencing the lowland in the rainfall but if they are having issue in managing the waste in form of raw material one can also go for the forestry waste like leaves, wooden dust etc. & to acquire them will also not be an issue for the producer of the Bio coal briquettes so if you are looking to start up an bio mass briquettes don’t think much we are here to help you in any matter.

We have also started exporting to our neighbor countries for the sustainable growth & development as companies are now a day facing the problem of huge cost of the energy. One can easily use this briquetting machine in generation of the electricity & also the cost of electricity generation will also reduce & also people have to pay less for the same so it is the green advantage of the white coal briquettes which are easily made through the easy process in bio coal briquetting machine.

We at Jay Khodiyar also offers the material processing equipment like Wood Chipper Machine, Sawdust Machine, Biomass Dryer System, Turbo Dryer, Rotary Dryer which is used if the moisture level is high in the raw material & another one is Crusher which cut the raw material into even form after that it can be used in producing briquetting plant.

The main advantage is that worldwide the same technology is being used as there is same kind of machine produced in the all country & the other one is pellet as it is the small version of the white coal briquettes as is can used where the use of bio coal briquette is not used much or it can be also used for the non commercial purposes.