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Our Briquetting Machine And Wood Chipper

A huge amount of wastes is produced every year in agriculture-based countries and forest-based countries worldwide. Burning these all waste directly damages organisms, insects, soil and environment, so Jay Khodiyar gives recycling solution which can dispose all these waste. Jay Khodiyar provide agricultural, municipal solid & wood powder (sawdust) drying system. This is an eco-friendly technic where all these wastes converted into fuel briquette. Briquetting press are used to process waste and make fuel Briquettes out of them Jay Khodiyar is No.1 Briquetting plant, Briquettes machines manufacturers.

Pioneered in 1994, Jay Khodiyar is a one stop solution for setting up a wood chipper machine, saw dust machine, drum chipper, rotary drum dryer, biomass dryer, flash dryer, briquetting plant, Briquette Machine, Briquette Press, white coal press, municipal solid waste drying system, MSW dryers, RDF dryers, briquetting machine solid waste, briquettes Cum Pellet press and biomass chipper grinder. We assist you in making right choice for place and Project for the plant. Promoting the use of biomass sources of energy.

We have successfully installed briquetting system, Briquette System, Briquetting Machine, Wood Chipper, Biomass Dryer System, Briquette Pellets Press, Municipal solid waste drying system in more than 5500+ projects in 75+ countries. Having gained expertise with time, we have unrivaled know-how in our field and can always find the best solution to our customers’ needs. We offer a vast range of standard products and can also develop custom solutions for specific requirements.

Jay Khodiyar considers itself as a leader in the manufacturing and dissemination of Renewable Energy and thus the torch bearer of promoting the use of biomass recycling solutions provider thereby helping to sustain the environment. Jay Khodiyar is No.1 Briquetting Machine Manufacturers India

It is our Mission to delight our global customers by providing the complete solution for their recycling equipments needs through the quality products, manufacturing excellence & services surpassing their value expectations.

We are trusted for our integrity, honesty, reliability, fairness and sincerity in working with our partners, customers and employees.

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We provide Solution for wastes.

Biomass, agricultural, municipal solid, forest, wood & dung wastes are increasing rapidly worldwide.

No one is using this wastes and all these wastes are burned. Jay Khodiyar is saying that to burn all these wastes can increase pollution and spoil the environment. There is a big benefit to recycle these wastes.

Municipal solid, biomass, agriculture, forest and wood waste all of these wastes can create a fuel briquettes which can generate energy.

Jay Khodiyar offers a one stop energy recycling equipment solution, which convert agriculture, forest & municipal solid wastes into fuel.

How to use all of this wastes,

All of this waste can make a high quality product. Municipal solid, biomass, agriculture, forestry and wood waste all this wastes can make a product like Biofuel briquettes and pellets.

If you have wood log and wood wastes then you can make sawdust from our wood drum chipper machine.

To reduce moisture from any type raw material like biomass, agriculture waste, municipal solid wastes, wood waste (saw dust) you can dry all this material by using our drying system.

You can do recycling after raw material is dry. You can make fuel briquette from Briquette press and pellets as per your need or you can use all this raw material in any application.

Recycling helps protect the environment

Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials. All of these create substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

At present, waste to energy is the most important renewable energy option and has the potential to become the world’s largest and most sustainable energy source.

Fuel has always been an indispensable need of man. Whether from developed or third world countries, people around the world need fuel for everyday living. In preparing our basic necessities like food and clean water, we need fuel. Usually, we rely on electricity and fossil fuel (like liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene) for our energy need. Some nationalities use firewood and charcoal. However, there are other resources which have more advantages and benefits that these conventional sources. One such fuel is the briquette.

Products Range

Briquetting Machine Manufacturers India Jay Khodiyar offers a variety of technologies and solutions that fit every recycling processing industry. We share one important characteristic: outstanding quality for extra-long life. Simple operation, and Jay Khodiyar equipment is the perfect solution for every recycling processing industry.

Briquetting Plant

One of the leading manufacturer & exporter of Briquetting Machine, Briquetting Plant, briquetting press

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Rotary Drying System

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Wood Chipper

wood chipper Machine, drum chipper is used for converting the Wood Logs into wood powder.

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Pellet Press

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Solid Waste Drying System

We introduced new technology of municipal solid waste drying system which can be make dry solid waste

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Solid Waste Briquette Press

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