Wood Chipper Machine 5Tph

Jay Khodiyar, Wood chipper is used for converting the Woood Logs into wood powder. It is designed to take the all type of wood log material i.e. hardwood, softwood etc.

Wood Chipper Machine 5Tph

Wood chippers machine are highly favoured in various industries like agriculture, biomass, textile, paper, pulp, sugar, distilleries, and plywood. Feature is cutting mechanism, such as a hammer mill or disc grinder, that efficiently reduces tree limbs, trunks, and other forestry waste into small wood chips. The machine is meticulously engineered for cutting and shredding various types of wood waste and logs, it features a conveyor-based feeding system for efficient material input.

Process of Wood Chipper Machine

Wood chipper is generally used for chipping wood waste and logs. Raw material is feed with the help of belt conveyor into chamber via supportive rollers, feeded raw material is crushed by bits fitted in drum, and finished crushed material comes out with the help of output belt conveyor.

Jay Khodiyar Wood Chipper Machine Manufacturer

The Jay Khodiyar machine efficiently converts wood logs into fine wood powder, accommodating various wood types, including hardwood and softwood. This robust machine can handle wet or dry logs, tree trunks, and branches, effortlessly transforming them into sawdust in a single operation.

Designed for grinding forestry waste like wood logs and wood waste, this wood chipper machine is capable of processing materials with a maximum moisture content of up to 50%. It can handle waste with a maximum diameter of 400mm and varying lengths ranging from 300mm to 3000mm.

With its optimal sizing capability, the wood chipping machine becomes a valuable asset for long-term profitability. The resulting wood chips are ideal for feeding into a briquetting press, pellet mill, biomass power plant, or any other relevant application.

Technical Specifications

Input Raw Material

Hardwood / Softwood Etc.

Raw Material Dia Size

50 to 400mm

Raw Material Length Size

300 to 3000mm

In Put (Feed) Moisture

Up to 50%

Out Put Material Size

Up to 15mm

Power Required

170 HP

Production Capacity

Up to 5000 Kg/Hr 10% ± (* Depends on the raw-material type & in-feed