Briquetting Plant In India

Jay Khodiyar as leading manufacturer, exporter of briquetting press, briquetting machine, wood chipper, dryer system and Briquetting Plant In India.

Briquetting Plant In India

The source of the bio energy in India is more due to the richness in agriculture where the waste is used to regenerate energy fuel. The modern name of the bio energy is the biomass briquettes which are made from the briquettes plant machine.

It’s an era of using Eco friendly goods than why not to be ahead in the most promoting issue of world i.e. fuel consumption. Briquetting press machine we can also say that it is a tool for environmental expert as it prevents many environmental issues.

Briquetting press is the only future where the non renewable sources of energy are becoming extinct. So it is better to use briquettes i.e. white coal instead of fossil fuel which creates pollution to the environment & people. Jay Khodiyar offers a wide range of products not just in briquetting machine but also in Wood Chipper, Sawdust Machine & Biomass Biomass Dryer System. Jay Khodiyar has initially done his business in India in almost every state like 1st in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, and Bihar & even in Jammu Kashmir almost in every mentioned & not mentioned state of India. Then after covering the all corner of the India put forward step in Exporting and has successful capture the market in selling briquetting plant equipment.

The future of briquettes is not only in the environmental preservation but also in the employment & income generation in rural & urban area.

As a Briquetting plants Exporter we have yet to get foothold in many developing & underdeveloped states which are not aware about the technology & lack of knowledge about briquetting machines. In the state where pollution & cleanliness is the major issue it can help in cleaning the waste by recycling bio waste & we can also be a part of Modi’s Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan.

From last 25 years we are productively selling the briquetting press machine as India has a maximum amount of agro & forestry waste produce very year. The rising demand & price of the fossil which is not able to meet the demand at that time white coal briquettes can be a new right turning point for India.

As famously India from the its earliest time known for its agriculture where by managing waste into energy for using the briquettes for boiling & as a alternative to the other non renewable energy briquetting will always be the cheaper, safer & Eco-friendly product of all the time in India.