Biomass Hammer Mill

The Chipper Grinder-3000 cut the material into small pieces which helps to make material portable

Biomass Hammer Mill

Jay Khodiyar manufacturers biomass hammer mill with best quality and long life durability. It is basically used for cutting & grinding different types of raw material into desired size as per customer needs. Which then after is used for making briquettes, pellet and used as thermal application in industry.

In hammer mill raw material is feed with the help of belt conveyor which makes smooth entry for further process. Any type of Chipped Agricultural and Forest Waste material like wood chips or leftover wood waste, wood shavings, almond shells waste, corn cobs wet or dry, coir pith (coconut waste), agro-waste straw, soybean stalks, hay bales (waste generated from farming land and rolled into bales), tree twigs, hazelnut shells, rice husk waste, black gram husk, groundnut shells, walnut shells, cottonseed hulls, bamboo shavings, and other chipped biomass wastes etc. Having maximum moisture content up to 15% and having maximum diameter up to 50mm. can be used and processed through Biomass Hammer Mill.

Technical Specifications

Input Raw Material

Any agriculture waste, any wood chips Raw Material

Input Size of raw material

20 mm * 25 mm * 30 mm

In Put (Feed) Moisture

Up to 15%

Out Put Material Size

– Up to 2 to 20 mm – As per your requirements

Power Required

75kW / 100 HP

Production Capacity

– Up to – 3000 to 8000 KG/HR (Actual production may vary; it depends on the combination, moisture, size, and density of raw material)