Application of Briquette

Biomass Briquettes are widely used for any type of Thermal Application like steam generation in boilers, heating purpose, drying process & gasification plant to replace existing conventional fuel like coal, wood & costly liquid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, Kerosene etc. Use of Eco-Friendly Briquettes as a fuel to save non-conventional fuels has shown very promising results.

Bio coal briquette made by briquetting press is a forth coming fuel of the world. It’s a high excellence asset towards inexpensive, ecological & progressive environmental company policy.

Use of Briquettes In Various Industries

Gasifier System Applications Ceramic Industries
Refractory Industries Solvent Extraction Plant
Chemical Industries Dyeing Units
Milk Plant Food Processing Industries
Vegetable Plants Textile Unit
Spinning Mill Lamination Industries
Leather Industries Brick Making Units
Rubber Industries Any Industrial Thermal Application
Power Plant Food Industry

Bio coal Briquette made by Briquetting Press is a forth coming fuel of the world. It’s a high quality asset towards economical, ecological & advanced environmental company policy.