Briquetting Machine In Telangana

Briquette Machine In Telangana

Telangana is new state which has got its own identity after separation from Andhra Pradesh so it will be good opportunity for farmers, industries involved in Agriculture to be a part of Waste Recycling by converting them in to alternative source of Fuel. In state of Telangana there are different Biomass such as Jowar, Bajri, Maize, Rice Waste are available for making White Coal.

As Telangana suffers from the very uneven rainfall & also the river layer is very low due to which more Dry raw material is available which is best for making Briquettes with high calorific value which are best used with Boilers and they even don’t need dryer so it is cost effective way to earn revenue.

In this state the cement industries & sugar industries along with coal mines are found so there is huge opportunities can be created in the state for the usage of briquetting press we are the first manufacturers who enlarge our Market by selling more than 75 briquette making machine, White Coal Making Machine.

Biomass briquetting Plant is used to make energy fuel briquettes from biomass waste. biomass dryer, wood chipper, Briquetting machine is an energy saving machine and renewable source of energy. … So it known as binder less technology and briquettes are known as ‘white coal’ because it does not pollute when burns.

Briquettes process is the conversion of agricultural waste into uniformly shaped briquettes that is easy to use and store.

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