Sawdust Machine

This Sawdust Making Machine, specialized equipment that processes wood logs, branches, or waste into fine particles. Commonly used in woodworking industries, it aids in waste management, converting timber residues into usable sawdust for various applications like particleboard production, composting, and even biofuel. Maximum moisture content of up to 50% and a maximum diameter of up to 400mm, and a maximum length of waste varies from 300mm to 3500mm.

Sawdust Machine

The wood sawdust machine, often called a wood crusher or wood shredder, is a specialized tool designed to convert large wood pieces, including logs and branches, into smaller, fine wood particles or sawdust.

Wood Sawdust Machine Making Process

The process of sawdust making machine involves converting wood into fine wood particles or shavings. Initially, wood is collected and prepared by removing impurities like bark and branches. It is then mechanically broken down through chipping or crushing, followed by further size reduction using a grinder or chipper. Depending on the intended use, the sawdust may be sorted to achieve a specific particle size.

Jay Khodiyar Sawdust Machine Manufacturer

Jay Khodiyar wood powder making machine is strong enough to go through wet or dry logs tree trunks & logs and turn them into sawdust in one go. This Sawdust Making Machine is used to grind forestry waste such as Wood logs, Wood waste, etc. with a maximum moisture content of up to 50% and having maximum diameter of up to 400mm The maximum length of the waste varies from 300mm to 3500mm. Jay Khodiyar is also Known as a drum chipper manufacturer, supplier, & exporter.

Sawdust Making Machine goes for long-lasting profitable business as it makes a size that is perfect for entering raw material in Briquetting Press, Pellets Mill, Biomass power plant, and any other application.

Technical Specifications

Input Raw Material

Hardwood / Softwood Etc.

Raw Material Dia Size

50 to 400mm

Raw Material Length Size

300 to 3500mm

In Put (Feed) Moisture

Up to 50%

Out Put Material Size

Up to 15mm

Power Required

110 HP

Production Capacity

Up to 3000 Kg/Hr 10% ± (* Depends on the raw-material type & in-feed