Biomass Dryer System

The Biomass Dryer System or flash dryer is the latest drying equipment which our company has studied successfully biomass and it is also Known as biomass dryer system, biomass briquetting plant, Biomass Briquetting Press manufacturers.

Biomass Dryer System Manufacturer in India

Biomass Dryer System

How Biomass Drying System Works?

Our Biomass Dryer System is the latest drying equipment which our company has studied successfully. By screw conveyor, raw material is transported into a pneumatic conveyor line in the presence of hot air. Dried material is collected by cyclone. The material is dried using the hot air produced by the hot-air Furnace, which contains high moisture, such as the sawdust, agricultural waste, and biomass waste.

Our Biomass Drying System and Flash dryers System can be used to dry any material such as agricultural waste, forestry waste, municipal solid waste, wood powder etc. The results of drying are based on the moisture content of your raw material and the size of the raw material.

Our Biomass Drying System is designed to reduce moisture from 35% to 10%. Which is suitable for biomass briquetting plant, biomass power plants, pellet mill and other industry. The drying time is short. Simple structure, require the small installation space, very easy to install and repair.

Biomass Dryer System Process

Biomass drying is a systematic process that removes moisture from wet biomass materials, making them suitable for energy production or further processing. The primary goal is to achieve a consistent moisture content, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the end product.

The Initial Phase: Raw Biomass

The process begins with raw biomass, which can include materials like wood chips, agricultural residues, or other organic materials. This biomass typically has a high moisture content, making it unsuitable for direct combustion or processing.

Conveying and Feeding

The raw biomass is then conveyed to the feeding system, ensuring a consistent flow of material into the dryer. Proper feeding is crucial as it determines the efficiency of the drying process.

Heating: Harnessing Waste Heat

One of the standout features of modern biomass dryers is their ability to utilise waste heat from other processes. This not only makes the process energy-efficient but also reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Drying Chamber: The Heart of the Process

Inside the drying chamber, the wet biomass is exposed to hot air. This results in the evaporation of moisture. The design of the chamber ensures even drying, preserving the quality of the biomass.

Exhaust System: Removing Moist Air

As the biomass dries, the moist air needs to be efficiently removed. The exhaust system plays a pivotal role in this, ensuring that the drying chamber maintains optimal conditions.

Collection: The Final Product

Once the drying process is complete, the dried biomass is collected, ready for energy production or further processing.

Benefits of Biomass Drying System

Drying Systems Biomass Drying Systems are used on various plant materials like hemp, sugar cane waste, brewers grains, grass, and sawdust to boost their energy value and produce high-quality energy.

The process starts in the dryer. The company’s Direct Fired Rotary Dryers are effective at creating a consistent, high-volume product with low moisture, which is easy to handle and store. After drying, the biomass moves to a conveyor for sorting. The steam produced during drying is cleaned by an air pollution control system that removes small particles.

Biomass Dryer System Product