What is Municipal Solid Waste?

India are becoming more wasteful. The waste we generate is growing faster than our population and our economy. Municipal solid waste can be recycled and one product can be produce. As you all know municipal solid waste has no value and this waste spread the dirt and also increasing pollution.

Jay Khodiyar manufacture drying system for drying municipal solid waste and briquetting system for making fuel briquettes and giving solution for the recycling municipal solid waste.

Now Jay Khodiyar gives you a briquette making system from municipal solid waste. You can make briquettes from municipal solid waste and use these briquettes as a fuel.

You can use municipal solid waste in a power plant

You can generate energy from municipal solid waste

You can make briquettes from municipal solid waste and use these briquettes in boiler as a fuel.

Waste to energy processes include wastes that has been treated and made into a solid fuel for incineration to produce heat and steam…. Municipal and household waste is directly combusted in large waste to energy incinerators as a fuel with minimal processing known as mass burning.

As a replacement for coal and gas, solid waste fuel can be burned to generate electricity with a smaller carbon footprint than fossil fuels. In addition to the power sector, other industries requiring high-temperature heat use solid waste fuels – for example, in Waste to Energy works in India and around the world.

One way to generate electricity is to burn solid waste, like the material found in landfills. That thermal energy is transformed into electrical energy, usually by turning a turbine. Another energy resource that comes from our garbage is the methane gas that is produced as the waste decays.