Chipper Grinder

Jay Khodiyar manufacturing Chipper Grinder with best quality and long life products and it is also Khow as sawdust machine, sawdust making machine.

Chipper Grinder

Jay Khodiyar manufacturing Chipper Grinders machine with best quality and long life products. Chipper grinders Machine are basically used for cutting & chipping different raw material into desired size as per customer needs. The crusher cut the material into small pieces which helps to make material portable.

We manufacture different types of sawdust machine, crusher grinders machine & sawdust making machine to meet the customer requirements such as crusher grinders, drum crusher. We can customize chipper grinders machine with 50 to 150 HP as per model as customer request. All these grinders are used for different purpose and have their own salient features.

This drum chipper grinders is used to grind agricultural waste such as tree branches, Wood Chips, sawmill waste, sugarcane bagasse, Palm Waste, Coconut Shell, Cotton stalks etc. with maximum moisture content up to 35% and having maximum diameter up to 50mm and maximum length of the waste varies up to 1000mm

Crushing Machine goes for long lasting profitable business as it makes a size which is perfect for the entering raw material in Briquetting Press, Pellets Mill, Biomass power plant and any other application.

As you require our drum crusher that is not displayed into our website.

Do you looking for chipper crusher with higher production capacity then we have product for higher production capacity as per your requirement or we can specially customize our crusher chipper for higher production as per your request.

Chipper Grinders Product