Briquettes Plant In Africa

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Briquettes Press Manufacturer in Africa

India has maintained a very good relation with Africa in terms of export and business. We have been exporting our biomass briquetting Plant, Briquetting plants Africa, Briquetting Press Africa, Briquetting Machine Africa, Briquettes Machine Africa, Briquettes Plant Africa, Briquettes Press Africa, coal briquettes machine Africa, Wood Chipper Machine, Drum Chipper, Sawdust Machine, briquetting project in Africa, briquetting solution in Africa, white coal project, Agro waste plant in Africa, Rotary drum dryer, drying system in africa, biomass dryer System as the briquetting manufacturers to Africa since 2002.

Africa is an agricultural based country due to good climatic conditions. So you can get the agro waste products easily. The agro waste like: Coffee Husk, Saw Dust, Macadamia, Rice Husk, Sugar can Baggage, and more

The weather of Africa is mostly Rainy and less sunny days are available where people worry about moisture content in the raw material for which we have come up with the solution of Turbo Flash Dryer, Biomass Dryer System and Rotary Dryer which facilitate to reduce moisture content to get superior quality Briquettes and Also In Africa Briquetting Technology is proved to be best for Waste Management as they believe in keeping their country clean.

Versatile Agro-forestry wastes are available in Africa which can be used to make Briquettes also known as White Coal also it will be helpful to control situation of Global Warming.

Oil, gas & gold industry are majorly found in the different region of the Africa & also mining is done which require a huge amount of the energy where Briquettes can be used as alternative source of Fuel also it can protect earth from pollution created by use of Fossil Fuels.

There is already a vast awareness about the Biomass Briquettes because they also provide the training & promote the white coalfor saving the non sustainable fuel & there are also many programs running for the development of the Briquetting Press so in the current scenario where the fossil fuel has shown its dead line Biomass Briquettes is the only helping hand for the next generations to live in clean environment.

We welcome you to Jay Khodiyar – Briquetting Plants, Briquetiing Machine & Wood chipper machine exporter in Africa. We have successfully installed our many projects in Africa. They are been working well since years and our clients already collected the return on investment they made in since 1 years of the project instalment. Today the project is just making profit from them without any investment. The cost of the raw material is very low. The reason behind this is the agricultural based country, so agro waste is available in bulk in very low rates.