Briquetting Machine 90 mm

Jay Khodiyar Briquette Machine 90MM have earned a reputation to be an industry quality worldwide and it is also Known as briquetting machine manufacturers, briquetting machine suppliers, briquetting machine exporter, briquettes machine.

Briquetting Machine 90 mm

Jay Khodiyar briquetting machine 90mm have earned a reputation to be an industry quality Worldwide.

Briquettes Machine JK 90 is best suitable for those users who have bulk density of raw material. Likewise, our Briquetting Machine is best known to its performance and quality. Different type of raw material like agricultural waste, forest waste can be used to make biomass Briquettes.

Technical Specifications:

Finish Good Shape:


Finish Good Diameter:


Briquettes Length

50 mm – 450 mm

Raw Material in feed Size:

1mm x 5mm x 12mm

Bulk weight

50 – 250 kg/m3

Raw Material Mositure:


Power Required:

91 HP

Production Capacity

900 to 2000 Kg/Hr 10% ± (*The production capacity depends on the density of the raw material.)

Features and Benefits Jumbo 90

The mechanical briquetting press develops a compression force of approximately 2000 kg/cm Bar to obtain a high quality briquette of a high density and a remarkably reduced volume, without the addition of binders.

  • High reliability and long operational lifetime
  • Extremely low maintenance and operating costs
  • Significant volume reduction ratio
  • Reduction of handling and transportation costs
  • Safety sensor feature
  • Auto cut-off feature