What Is Briquetting Press?

Agricultural waste, forestry waste, solid waste is used as raw material is converted into cylindrical shape Briquettes by a briquette Machinery which is accomplished of binding any waste in to the finish Briquette/Bio-coal/White Coal. As there is chemical called lignin present in the material which is when heated in Briquette Machinery and making the briquette.

Jay Khodiyar mechanical briquetting press develops a compression force of approximately 2000 kg/cm² bar to obtain a high quality briquette of a high density and a remarkably reduced volume, without the addition of binders.

Any kind of agricultural waste, forestry waste, biomass waste and municipal solid waste is processed under different machines. The various machines that are used in this process include wood chipper drying system and Briquetting system itself.

The process starts with Biomass Crusher grinder / wood chipping machine where the raw material which has uneven form is crushed to compress it up to 15mm. After that process, crushed raw material is put into drying system which evaporates the moisture content from the raw material after that the dried raw material is processed through the Briquette Machine which is also known as Briquette Plant. The output of briquette press comes as Briquettes in various sizes from 60mm to 90mm of cylindrical form.

Promote environmental sustainability and recycling, transforming biomass waste, forest waste into a source of profit for your business.