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White Coal Machine

What Is Electricity driven White Coal Machine? How to use White Coal?

White Coal Machine

Electricity driven White Coal Machine uses ANY TYPE OF biomass waste (that has Below 20 mm size and 10% to 15% moisture content) as its raw material. This type of biomass waste can be made from saw dust, groundnut shells, cotton hulls, castor seed shells straw of sugar cane etc.

This type of machine’s approximate voltage requirement is 415 v and it consumes around 91 hp power. Per hour this machine can produce around 1800 kg white coal. Provided equipment plays an important role in meeting the huge demand of fuel needed for energy production.

It acts as a good option to produce renewable energy and eliminates the necessity of using like coal, wood & costly liquid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, Kerosene etc. In brief, this machine is ideal to prevent wastage of biomass and acts as supporting solution for briquetting plant to produce renewable energy.

Briquettes produced by this White Coal Machine have maximum 300 mm length and up to 90 mm diameter. Produced briquettes are cylindrical in appearance. This type of machine can be availed in semi-automatic and automatic versions. Automatic version of this machine is designed as per global norms. This specific version is driven by energy efficient AC motor.

There are several advantages of the White Coal machine. These include:

This type of high performance equipment can be used at severe working environment where high heat is a common occurrence.

This type of industrial system is beneficial for the economical growth of any country.

Its low production cost and advanced white coal manufacturing technology prevents extinguishing of fossil fuels.

It also promotes the concept of Green Era.

Long working life of such machine reduces its maintenance cost and simplifies its handling method.

High speed, optimum productivity, internationally approved design, user friendly mechanism, standard safety features and long service life are the main reasons behind increasing demand of this machine.