What Is The Role Of Briquetting Machine In Recycling Industries?

With the growing awareness on recycling and launch of so many waste recycling equipments, there is a huge rise in recycling industry.

With the growing awareness on recycling and launch of so many waste recycling equipments, there is a huge rise in recycling industry. Now people make use of innovative and advanced techniques to recycle waste and put a check on environmental pollution. These techniques also help us control excessive use of natural resources. One of the innovations in recycling techniques is invention of briquetting machines.

Briquetting machines have gained immense popularity within very short span of time since its launch. This perfectly recycles the non-biodegradable waste from different industries. Briquetting is an easy and completely eco-friendly process. Though these are basically used for agriculture waste recycling, some briquetting machines also have capacity to recycle different metals, which are of no use like metal chippings, filings and metallic dust.

An introduction of biomass briquetting machines:

This is a particle agglomeration, where extreme pressure is put on the raw material to bind it together. Briquetting machines can be effectively used for different materials like coal upgrading, chemical powder agglomeration, metal recycling and wood waste recycling. These machines bind the waste together through extreme pressure and form briquettes, which can further be used for different purposes. Recycling industries get huge profits by installing a briquetting machine. This is sort of one time investment and life time profits. You don’t need to spend money on any chemicals, as the pressure put by the machine is enough to form briquettes.

Some of the features of briquetting machines include:

• Cost effective technique, as it recycles scrap and wood waste and brings down the overall weight of the waste material.

• The decreased weight makes it easy to handle and store the waste

• It is perfectly safe for the environment and users, as the process does not include use of any chemical in complete process

• The final product can be re-used multiple times by recycling it again and again

• It also helps to reduce the requirement of space, as briquettes need less space to store than scrap. The final products are in spherical shape and can be stored easily.

In order to get the best quality final product, you need to be careful, not only while buying a briquette making equipments, but also during the process. Some of the factors like particle size distribution, feeding rate, curing time and pressure among others.

Briquetting can be very effective method to protect environment and rightly use the waste, if a right machine is selected. Buy quality and innovative briquetting machines from experienced manufacturers like Jay Khodiyar. Based in Gujarat, the company has gifted the industry with many varieties of briquetting press machines.