Due to heavy demand of energy sources and limited availability of fossil fuels, there is huge requirement of innovations for renewable energy solutions.

Do you think the available resources of fossil fuels will be able to meet energy requirements for long? No, if the extraction of natural resources is done at the same pace, soon these will be over with no alternate. The only option to cope with the situation is to find innovative energy sources.

Now the question is, ‘what do you mean by innovation in energy sector?’

It is nothing, but invention of new techniques to generate energy or energy resources. One innovation that has transformed the sector is briquetting. Generated from waste material through briquettes press machine, these make a perfect alternate of fossil fuels. A wide range of agriculture residues, forestry waste, animal waste and construction waste can be utilized to recycle into energy source.

The need for invention of renewable energy sources is to reduce CO2 emission to control climate change. The new energy source known as briquettes, are zero pollution fuel with almost no smoke. This is the reason; these are also gaining popularity as green fuel source.

With immense industrialization and opening up of small, medium and large scale industries, energy demand has increased, which is not possible to supply with the available resources. So, to meet with the fuel demand of small scale industries, the researchers suggested use of briquettes.

Not just small scale industries, large scale industries can also use briquettes for heaters and boilers. They can also use blend of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. It will also help them minimize carbon impacts in the environment and provide employees a better place to work.

Money is an important factor for newly established industries and they can’t afford to spend a huge amount on just the fuel sources. Briquettes help them get a cost-effective energy source with better features than fossil fuels.

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