Solid Waste Solutions

What Is Municipal Solid Waste? How to use Municipal Solid Waste Material?

Municipal Solid waste solutions

Need will be yours and Solution will be ours. So let’s make something best from waste together!

Jay Khodiyar is giving you one solution for your Municipal Solid Waste, You may do Drying of waste and also make briquettes from the waste.

If you are using Biomass Power Plant and for that, you are using Solid Waste Material, then we are giving Drying System for decreasing moisture content from the wastage.

For making Electric Power Plant Municipal Solid Waste is very good material and from Municipal Solid Waste we can create very high electric energy power, so you should use Municipal Solid Waste & create high Electric Power and along with that finish the harmful material and clean the environment.

From Municipal Solid Waste you can make fuel Briquettes. For making fuel briquettes, as per your need we are giving the solution. In that you need to install briquetting machine and Dryer system. Briquettes which are made from Municipal Solid Waste Material you can make Electric energy and you can use these Municipal Solid Waste-Briquettes fuel in any kind of boiler.