Solid Waste Briquetting Press

Jay Khodiyar manufacture drying system for drying municipal solid waste and briquettes system  for making fuel briquettes and giving solution for the recycling municipal solid waste.

Now Jay Khodiyar gives you a Briquette making system from municipal solid waste. You can make briquettes from municipal solid waste and use these briquettes as a fuel.

You can make 90 mm Briquettes only from Municipal solid waste without mixing any type of chemical. Municipal solid waste should not have metal like stone, iron and glass.

Municipal solid waste size should be small like 5 to 20mm and moisture content in should not be above 10% and this waste should be trimmed.

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Technical Specifications

Finish Good Shape:


Finish Good Diameter:


Briquettes Length

50mm – 300mm

Raw Material in feed Size:

1mm x 5mm x 15mm

Bulk weight

50 – 250 kg/m3

Raw Material Mositure:


Power Required:

95 HP

Production Capacity

Up to 1000 Kg/Hr10% ± (* The production capacity depends on the density of the raw material.)

The Jay Khodiyar mechanical briquetting press develops a compression force of approximately 2000 kg/cm² bar to obtain a high quality briquette of a high density and a remarkably reduced volume, without the addition of binders.

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