Solid Waste Briquetting Press Manufacturer

Solid-waste increases air pollution if they are burnt on cook-stoves in traditional methods. This pollution causes breathing, suffocation, eye and other issues. Hence, if these wastes are used as biomass, they can make a noteworthy contribution in the environment for catering to the future energy demands sustainably. Biomass wastes such as sugarcane straw, rice husks, paddy straw, wheat straw, sawdust, etc., can be easily converted into efficient and easy-to-use green fuel using modern Briquettes System.

Why Briquetting Has Become A Need of the Hour?

Turning waste into fuels has become an important task as they are considered as the great alternative of charcoal, fossils, etc. They create sustainable green fuel to overcome the issues of climate changes and pollution. They also lower down the carbon emissions level. These compacted and densified briquettes come with high density and less moisture that also ensure no material handling issues.

Solid Waste Briquetting Press: The Best Alternative for Creating Solid Waste

A Briquettes Plant is designed for recycling municipal solid waste and converting it into fuel. It is widely used to produce Biomass Briquettes and Biomass Pellets without any binder in the sizes of 90 mm. It can use any agricultural or forest waste with moisture level of 8 to 10 percent. It is a speedy machine available with user-friendly features for enhancing the productivity.

Raw Material Used in Solid Waste Briquetting Press

Forest waste and residues like sandar dust, wood chips, twigs, pine needles, wild grasses, bamboo dust, viner waste, etc.

Agricultural wastes like almonds shells, coconut shells, ice husk, sunflower, groundnut shells, cotton stalks, arhar stalks, mustard stalks, wheat straw and mentha plant waste, maize plant waste, etc.

Other wastes like press mud, MSW, RDF, paper waste, coffee ground waste, etc.

Jay Khodiyar’s Briquettes System: Paving Path to Clean Fuel Industry

With an aim to revolutionize the fuel industry, Jay Khodiyar presents an advanced machine for creating eco-friendly fuels. We bring forth a high-technology Briquettes System for creating a compression force of 2000 kg/cm² bar. This machine is designed by experienced engineers with precision to create high quality briquette with high density and reduced volume.

Why Choose Jay Khodiyar’s Briquettes System?

  • Cylindrical shape of fuel in diameter of 90mm
  • Briquettes length is 50mm – 300mm
  • Raw material in feed size is 1mm x 5mm x 15mm
  • Bulk weight is 50 – 250 kg/m3
  • Raw material moisture content is 8-10%
  • 95 HP power with production capacity up to 1000 Kg/Hr