Sawdust Dryer

What Is Sawdust Dryer?

Sawdust Dryer


A Sawdust Dryer is an innovative drying equipment used in wood pellet plant and charcoal briquetting factory to design biomass material. It is implemented to treat the biomass material and make it suitable by reducing the moisture content. It is ideal to maintain the moisture content in wood pellets from 8 to 17%. With modern and durable design, it is widely used for burning the wood content, producing biomass materials, designing the highest quality of artificial boards, wood chips, bamboo shavings, etc.

Sawdust Dryer Principle:

This Sawdust Dryer is comprised of a hot wind stove, drying pipe, drying cyclone, material feeder, cyclone separator and controlling system. When the sawdust passes through the pipeline, the moisture is removed from the material and discharged from the cyclone separator. It contains two time circulate heating system with efficient heat and mass transferring rate for drying the material moisture at 50% and making wood pellets/briquettes at one time.

Advantages of Sawdust Dryer:

  • Designed with hot air jet self-priming device
  • Available with automatic feeding feature with swift heat flow velocity
  • Material is completely and safely mixed with excellent drying effect
  • Large intensity of drying within short time-span
  • High thermal efficiency with labor-saving design

Factors To Select the Right Sawdust Dryer:

  • Marking Speed: Always check the high marking or drying speed of wood pellets to get the results according to the needs.
  • Design: A range of dryers is available in the market with different features and sizes. So, select the right design as per the installation area and budget.
  • Durability: Spend the money wisely by buying the highest quality sawdust dryer that lasts long.
  • Features: Buy a dryer with all demanding features like efficient drying mechanism, high working speed and user-friendly design.


Jay Khodiyar: One Stop Destination of Powerful and Energy Saving Sawdust Dryer

The company has gained vast expertise in offering strong and efficient sawdust dryer to dry any material from municipal solid waste, wood powder, agricultural waste to forestry waste. Its result depends on the moisture content and size of raw material. It can easily reduce the moisture content from 35% to 10 / 15% that makes it ideal to be used in briquetting system, biomass power plants, pellet mills, etc.

Why Choose Sawdust Dryer of Jay Khodiyar?

  • 63 HP power is required
  • Any agriculture waste, wood grinding, etc. can be used of diameter up to 5mm and length size up to 10.
  • In-put (Feed) moisture is up to 40% and output moisture is up to 15%
  • Can dry up to 2000 Kg/Hr 10% ± moisture content