Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer developed by Jay Khodiyar is instrumental in effective drying of bulk waste materials procured from forests, agricultural lands, and municipality areas.

Different models of Rotary Dryer by Jay Khodiyar

This organization has designed this industrial waste drying system in three different models.

– Model JKRD2 can to dry up to 2000 kg waste in every hour and consumes 70 hp power.

– Model JKRD3 can to dry up to 3000 kg waste in every hour and consumes 81 hp power.

– Model JKRD5 can dry upto 5000 kg waste per hour and consumes 95 Hp power.

Mechanism of rotary drying system

This industrial solid drying system is equipped with a rotatable drum where bulk solids are tumbled in presence of dry air or desiccants. Provided rotary drying solution can decrease maximum 50% to `10% moisture from solid waste. Its drum is positioned in horizontal manner by maintaining a slight slope so that gravitational force can be used to move the solids through the drum. With the rotation of the drum, lifting flights raise the solids and drop these through air stream. As its result, heat transfer performance of this dryer improves.

Special attributes of Rotary Dryer by Jay Khodiyar

– Maximum production capacity is 5000 kg/hr

– Heavy duty appearance for its prolonged service life

– Ergonomically developed lifting flights for accelerating heat transfer speed between heated gas stream and solids

– Ability to remove 50% moisture from solid to 10%

The project at the implementation, The Jay Khodiyar develops specific solutions to generate value to the agricultural waste, biomass waste and forest waste, promoting the environmental preservation. Like Rotary Drum Drying System is designed to dry the wet content of different Raw Materials which contain moisture up-to 50% or more than that.

There are multi-angle lifting style lifting plate inside of dryer; during drying, the lifting plate will raising the material evenly, which can ensure the material complete heating change with the hot air enough and also ensure the drying efficiency is good.

Our Rotary dryers System can be used to dry any material such as agricultural waste, forestry waste, municipal solid waste, wood powder. The results of drying are based on the moisture content of your raw material and the size of the raw material.

Our Rotary Drum Dryer is designed to reduce moisture from 50% to 10%. Which is suitable for briquetting system, biomass power plants, pellet mill and other industry.

As you require our drying system that is not displayed into our website.

Do you looking for drying system with higher production capacity then we have product for higher production capacity as per your requirement or we can specially customize our drying system for higher production as per your request.

Model Power(kw) Capacity(Kg/Hr)
JKRD2 70HP Up to 2000
JKRD3 81HP Up to 3000
JKRD5 95HP Up to 5000

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