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Rotary Dryer System

What Is Rotary Dryer System?

Rotary Dryer System


A Rotary Drum Dryer is a rotating horizontal cylinder engineered to dry a solid material evenly and constantly. When the drum rotates, the wet solids slowly make their way to the discharge end. With flights, it lifts or mixes the material inside that further promotes efficient heat transferring in the material.

Working of the Rotary Dryer System

The Rotary Dryer System is a constantly operated dryer designed with a slowly revolving cylindrical shell inclined to the horizontal a few degrees. It uses hot gases or air for drying the wet material that is generated in an external furnace. The heat energy is supplied in two ways, by heating and blowing air or gases directly into the drum to make them come in contact with the material.

How To Select the Best Rotary Dryer System?

Rotary Dryer System has become a proven method for producing consistent product when the feedstock varies. Selection of the right dryer for meeting the individual processing needs of different businesses with high-efficiency and low investment is essential.

Rotary Drum Drying System can be used to dry any material such as agricultural waste, forestry waste and wood powder. The results of drying are based on the moisture content of your raw material and the size of the raw material. Which is suitable for briquetting system, biomass power plants, pellet mill and other application industry.

Also Know as dryer system, rotary dryer system, rotary drum dryer.

Jay Khodiyar has brought forward a revolutionary range of Rotary Dryer System for effective drying of bulk waste material of forests, agricultural lands, and municipality areas. Our company provides different models of Rotary Dryers with unmatched technologies and durable structure such as:

  • Model JKRD2 can to dry up to 2000 kg waste in every hour and consumes 70 hp power
  • Model JKRD3 can to dry up to 3000 kg waste in every hour and consumes 81 hp power
  • Model JKRD5 can dry upto 5000 kg waste per hour and consumes 95 Hp power


Advantages of Rotary Dryer Systems of Jay Khodiyar

  • Heavy-duty design with enhanced flight structure for better cascading action
  • Flight design also ensures accelerated heat transfer speed between heated gas stream and solids
  • No falling of large clusters of material during flight
  • Improved and uniform heat transferring with no wastage
  • Maximum production capacity is 5000 kg/hr
  • Ergonomic design to remove 55% moisture from solid to 10/15%
  • Can easily handle high feed moisture