Jay Khodiyar Wood Chippers Machine

What Is Solid Waste Jay Khodiyar Wood Chippers Machine ?

Jay Khodiyar Wood Chippers Machine


Wood Chipper Machines are one of the inevitable machines of the wooden industries as they make the tedious process of cutting wood easy and simple. They are engineered for cutting the wood efficiently into small chips for making them perfect for varied manufacturing and agricultural processes. These machines are also highly effective in cleaning up the land after storms and meteorological events.

Parts of a Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a highly-effective machine that enhances the cutting efficacy and speed of wood. This stationary machine is designed with a horizontal feeding unit and one rotor system to ensure optimal shredding. In addition, it is also comprised of the following parts for making the cutting process trouble-free:

  • Collar
  • Chipper
  • Hopper
  • Collection bin

Material Cut By Wood Chipper Machine

This machine is one of the speedy ways of converting the wood logs into wood powder. It can smoothly work on all types of wood log material such as hardwood, softwood etc. It can also convert wet or dry logs tree trunks and logs into dust. Moreover, the following material can be easily cut by the machine:

  • Sugarcane Trash
  • Agriculture Waste
  • Pine Needles
  • Peddy Straw
  • Cotton stalk
  • Tree Shrubs
  • Agriculture waste

Who Needs Wood Chipper Machine?

Biomass manufacturer: Producers of biomass need this machine for turning logs into dust. This eco-friendly and durable machine is available in robust design in varied sizes for meeting different needs and capacities.

Farm Owners and Gardeners: As this is one of the efficient ways of reducing the volume of wood, it can be used by farm owners and gardeners. It makes the users able to manage the wood and waste easily for efficient transporting.

Wood Chip Boilers: This machine can easily work in the areas having frequent chances of storms as it converts wood waste into Biofuel and ensures easy dispose of windbreaks.

Jay Khodiyar Wood Chippers Machine Is A Breakthrough In The Domain

Jay Khodiyar Wood Chippers Machine is a revolutionary machine available in high-tech design to turn wood logs into dust in no-time. This is a fully-automated machine designed with auto control panel to ensure easy and smooth controlling. Its compact design, advanced features and high-speed motor creates high calorific value wood chips from wood logs to meet the needs of pellet, boilers, briquette fuel, furnaces and other industries.

Jay Khodiyar Wood Chippers Machine is provided in the following models that can be customized according to the demands of the market:

Model Power (HP) Capacity (Kg/hr)
JKWC75 85HP Up to 2000
JKWC100 110HP Up to 3000
JKWC150 170HP Up to 5000