Is There Commercial Demand For Briquettes?

Briquetting – an alternative fuel source is gaining popularity but only as a domestic fuel source.

Commercial Demand For Briquettes

Briquetting – an alternative fuel source is gaining popularity but only as a domestic fuel source. These help users get better surroundings, unpolluted air and additional income sources. But this doesn’t give any surety about theirBiomass-briquettes-manufacturer

commercial demand.

The question most of the briquette manufacturers have is, ‘is there any potential market for briquettes?’ They are confused with the commercial demand of this alternative fuel source.

Though briquettes provide additional income source, any entrepreneur will like to assess the market first. The failure of briquetting in some African countries has created doubt in people’s mind.

Consumers of fossil fuels are dissatisfied with these due to their excessive carbon emission and are looking for an effective alternative. But every briquette maker can’t meet their expectations. Only experienced briquette makers using high-quality briquetting machines bought from countries like India can survive in the market by offering premium quality briquettes. These should have high burning power and low ash content.

With the growing demand of fuels, biomass briquettes play a vital role in meeting energy requirement of different industries. Brick kilns, paper mills, leather mills, sugar mills and pottery industries are some of the major contributors in commercial demand of briquettes. These have made a significant contribution in economic growth of developing nations.

Their unique quality of burning without any damage to the environment has made these highly popular. There positive global impact has helped the world control global warming and reduce greenhouse gases impact. Further, unlike oil and nuclear energy, these don’t create accident risks in the industries. This is also a reason behind commercial demand of briquettes.

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In developing countries, where industries look for cost-effective fuel sources, briquettes have their own importance. To meet fuel requirements, briquetting press machine owners in India use a variety of raw materials. They learn the best techniques to make high-quality briquettes.

A sharp rise in commercial fossil fuels in last decade has forced industrialists to look for alternates. Though fossil fuel is still the major energy source, briquettes have made an important place for them with various degrees of growth in coming future.