Jay Khodiyar

Is Burning Wood Always Harmful?

Use of wood as a fuel has been there for centuries. One more thing related to wood burning is its harmful effects.

Use of wood as a fuel has been there for centuries. One more thing related to wood burning is its harmful effects. So the question here is should we stop enjoying warm log fire in winters? Is wood burning always harmful?

Let’s find out answers of these questions.

You don’t need to take the harmful gases emitted by wood logs take away the enjoyment. How? Yes, there are techniques, with the help of you can enjoy log fire and that too without hurting environment and your health. If wood is processed properly and converted in biomass briquettes with briquettes press machines, there is no risk from wood burning. If processed properly and used effectively, wood is the most eco-friendly renewable energy source.

Now find out how burning wood can be beneficial if used in the form of briquettes.

• Biomass briquettes are said to be carbon neutral. If you burn wood directly, if emits all the CO2 it has absorbed during its lifetime, but the effect is nullified by processing the wood.

• Processed wood works as a renewable energy source, which can further be processed in the machines. Briquettes machine manufacturers in India offer devices with capacity to process different quantities of wood waste. So, you don’t need to worry about the quantity of raw material available with you.

• Though there is high pollution risk with direct burning of wood, but the risk is zero when it is burnt as biomass briquettes.

• Other fuel sources like oil have high spillage risk, which can cause serious problems, but there is no such risk with wood. Briquettes have high density and don’t leave any sparks.

• As biomass briquettes are made without any chemicals, these are completely free from hazardous toxins. This is also a reason of their cheap prices and easy storage.

• Production of briquettes is highly easy, quick and hassle free process with minimal material. Briquette press machine suppliers in India offer machines which don’t need binders or chemicals to bind the wood waste. The process is just shredding the wooden waste and putting extreme pressure on it to bind it together in the form of logs.

You must be clear now that burning wood is not always harmful. If used properly after right processing, it has unmatched benefits for all: society, people, animals and environment.