The market of briquetting machine tool is increasing daily with the demand of renewable energy.

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machine tool is increasing daily with the demand of renewable energy. The market potential is very high as when we consider of coal, diesel, kerosene, oil, wood, natural gas, etc. are getting extinguished in near future. The demand of briquettes are very high, the golden future as alternative fuel.

Pollution free environment encourages the marketing of Coal briquetting Plant machines. They are very good source of energy and they are gold mines of future.

The Business Verticals Where We Can Use Them Are

1. Boilers

Boilers are the basic requirement of the any industry. The source of heat for a boiler is combustion of fuels like coal, wood, natural gas and many renewable energy. We can replace them with non-renewable sources of energy. In the industries like

Furnace & Foundries

The major market is metal heating and melting where the temperature required 1000 degrees. To maintain that temperature we require more and more fuel. The fuel is mandatory which should have high calorific worth and long-lasting. Briquettes obtained have high calorific value and high density so it is best suitable for the furnace and foundries.

Brick Kilns

A thermally insulated chamber that is specially used to harden objects made form clay. Briquettes are the best suitable for kilns to maintain the temperature constant and keep the kilns heated.

Residential & Commercial Heating

The briquettes that are end products can be used in cooking in houses, restaurant, open ground, etc. The briquettes are used for in-house, restaurants, churches and many other fireplace in place of burning wood.