An International Women’s Day marked on every 8th March, a global event where the equilibrium balance of women with men is celebrated every year since 1990’s.

In early year’s, it was a A time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming  for the women enhancement in the male dominated society.

The new golden generation has witnessed a momentous change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women’s equality and liberation.

An event where women and men across the world come together to celebrate the successes of other women and campaign for continued opportunities.

International Women’s Day is truly about showing support on an international scale for women’s rights. Women universally are on the border line for instilling change through their roles as key influencers in their child’s future, carving to shape the future of both communities and countries as a whole.

We the Jay Khodiyar Group Members are very taking the very appreciative approach to our Company which since 15 years is contributing for Women Employment. Jay Khodiyar Group celebrates the women’s day from the time of establishment, with Tte idea of equal employment opportunities for enduring women in the industry zone.

 Jay Khodiyar Machine tools an Mechanical Industry manufacturing the briquetting machine which’s the best converting the machine utilizing the agro-waste into efficient Bio-fuel. Established in 1994,with a legendary vision of saving environment from the perilous effect of Coal.

Thus we conclude with a small message for remembrance of  women importance,

 “Aroma of a woman can shower their happiness blossom all around them! Happy Women’s Day!”


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