Economic growth is one of the major deciding factors in a country’s overall growth, but the ever increasing pollution becomes the biggest hindrance in achievement of this target. Climate change is today a major topic of concern. Different factors like hazardous gases in the air, chemical and other waste by the industries, global warming, chemical gas emission by the energy sources we use and uncontrollable cutting of trees have caused immense increase in pollution and serious damage to the environment.

Every country and the industries functioning in these countries are in search of different techniques to put a check on the pollution to give our coming generation a safer place to live. Different segments of the society have come up with their own solutions to protect the environment and one of the best solutions among these is biomass briquetting. This is an alternative of fuel and created with the help of briquetting machines like Supreme 75 Model and various others.

Briquettes created from the briquetting machines work as a ready-to-use substitute of lignite, gas, kerosene, coal etc. Whether it is industrial use or domestic fuel source, these make a perfect renewable energy source. This non-conventional energy source is much cheaper in price, but more valuable in features than fossil fuel. This eco-friendly energy source has become very popular in short span of time due to its unmatched features and easy processing.

Biomass briquettes are much more effective than lignite both in terms of price and the utilization. With around 4000 to 4500 kcal/kg calorific value, biomass briquettes utilization is nearly 85 percent, while in lignite it is merely 53 percent with the loss of 47 percent heat. Besides this, another great feature of this fuel source is their recycling feature. You can recycle the burnt waste and create the briquettes again. These are completely safe with no smoke. As these are made without using any kind of chemical, there is not risk of harmful gases emission while burning briquettes. This is also called as a white coal, as it is made of organic waste and leaves no ash on burning.

As far as manufacturing of biomass briquetting is related, this is completely chemical free and safe for both the user and the environment. Made from agricultural waste, forestry waste and other waste, it is a binder less technology.

Confused, what is binder less technology????

It is not any rocket science. Biomass briquetting machine manufacturers have designed these machines in a way that these put extreme pressure on the wood waste and bind them into logs even without using any binder, chemical or adhesive. The major raw materials used to make briquettes include groundnut shells, almond shells, jute waste, mustard stalks, cotton stalks, tobacco waste and paddy straws.

Briquetting machines are high in demand due to unmatched benefits offered by the biomass briquettes. Jay Khodiyar is a reputed briquetting machine manufacturer and supplier in India. Visit company website to choose a machine for your business.

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