Generate Power From Waste With Biomass Briquetting

Briquettes plant 65 with diameter of 65mm, with production 600-800 kg/h, Different type of raw material like agricultural waste, forest waste can be used to make biomass briquettes.

Biomass briquette plant is the best answer to your problems, if you are looking for quality energy resource that can replace conventional fuel while protecting environment. Briquette is nothing just a block made by putting excessive pressure on waste material like sawdust, wood chips and other agriculture products.

The basic objective behind setting up a biomass briquette press was to come out with a renewable source of energy that can be used to meet with the objective of green and clean environment and power generation in eco-friendly manner. Global warming and ever increasing pollution is one of the biggest concerns today, and people are always in search of alternatives of fuel and waste recycling methods. Briquetting is one of the best methods used to protect earth from problems caused by chemical and harmful gases emitted in the environment by fuel sources and careless dumping of waste.

Invention of briquetting machines and wood chipper machine has come with a great relief for the deteriorating environment. For industries that are causing more harm to the environment, this technique has come as a blessing. Drastic imbalance in the economy and environment has resulted into rapid growth in demand of biomass briquette plants.

These technologically advanced machines can easily convert waste and residues of different industries into briquettes. Whether it’s metal waste, forestry waste, agriculture waste or any other such waste, these machines can convert it into round or spherical shaped blocks that can be easily used as a fuel source. This is a cheap alternative of expensive fuel got from natural resources like coal, seasoned logs etc. This bio fuel created for biomass waste is renewable in nature that helps us protect natural resources from getting over. Briquettes are also termed as white coal and agro-waste briquettes for these are produced from green agriculture waste.

There are various features of briquette press, which make these a first choice of various industries for power generation and heat. Some of these include:

• Chemical less bio fuel

• Smokeless burning

• Environment friendly fuel source as it leaves no ash

• Cost effective as compare to other fuels

• Longer burning hours

• Low moisture

• High density

• Easy storage and transportation

Different industries like sugar mills, brick kiln, paper mill and metal melting industries prefer to use briquettes as fuel source to shoulder their responsibility towards nature and the society they work in. After looking at the long list of benefits offered by it, calling biomass briquetting a perfect process won’t be wrong.

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