Biomass is an energy source obtained by recycling of a wide variety of waste materials, like agro waste, animal waste, plants, tree components, manure and other organic waste materials. As we all know plants absorb carbon dioxide and water from the nature, they emit it back into the environment when burnt in the form of briquettes, which makes biomass a renewable energy source.

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy has got immense acceptance from the fossil fuel users from all across the world. But there are a few people, who say that it is not as effective and beneficial as promoted. Let’s decide it by having a look at the advantages and disadvantages of biomass energy.


1. No harmful gas emission: The major problem with fossil fuels is excessive carbon footprints. Biomass briquettes help us control it by providing a smokeless energy source. Briquettes press machine produce high density logs, which don’t emit harmful gases on burning.

2. Abundant availability: Unlike fossil fuels, biomass energy does not have risk of getting over. As this is made from waste material, there will be no shortage of biomass energy. In the areas with ample forests, high agriculture and animal husbandry, abundant availability of raw material is there for briquetting process.

3. Reduced impact of fossil fuels: Briquettes make a perfect alternative of fossil fuels and reduce dependency on this harmful energy source. Individuals and industries can easily use briquettes made from press machines in India.

4. Various options: Due to huge variety of raw materials, the briquetting press machine owners get choice to create different products with varied quality.


1. Expensive: If you are dependent on animal waste for briquette making, this might be a bit expensive venture due to high investment on caring, feeding and housing the animals.

2. Consume more fuel: In order to get the same heat, industries need to use more briquettes than fossil fuels. This increased demand of briquettes and ultimately affect forests.

3. Need more land: Biomass products need more land to burn. Emission of methane gas from these raises need of making briquettes in area away from residential areas. Briquetting press machine manufacturer in India provides machines that can be installed in limited area and can work efficiently.

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