The Briquetting Plant in Ghana

Biomass if managed properly plays as a key role that will open a new door to generate a substitute of fuels by regenerating Energy with the help of Briquetting Press, Briquetting Plant, briquetting machine by producing White Coal made up of agro-forestry waste. By maximum using Bio fuel briquette helps to save fossil fuels by nurturing Green EnvironmentBio Energy by providing as emissive irreversible alleviation effect of r educing carbon dioxide which helps to store up fossil fuels.

Agro-forestry waste is used as raw material which can be recycled into a solid cylindrical shape Briquettes by Briquette Machine, Briquette Press, Briquette Press which is accomplished of binding any agro-forestry waste in to finish Briquettes/Bio-coal. As there is chemical called lignite present in the raw material which is when heated in Biomass Briquetting Press acts as a natural Binder for the Briquettes to make its solid so it is called Binder Less Technology.

With dense forest region in Ghana, enormous Wood waste is available which was disposed anywhere causes pollution and hazardous effects. This waste can be utilized in best way to produce energy fuel that even help to sustain natural resources which can be replaced by Briquettes.

Jay Khodiyar with a view to create awareness for Go Green concept that sustain green environment by manufacturer Biomass Briquetting Plant briquetting machine, briquetting press with updated technology in Dryer System, Wood Chipper Machine, Sawdust Making Machine, briquette making machine, biomass drying system and Briquette Press Exporter with superior quality and Eco friendly product.

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