Briquetting Machine India

We can’t stop the biomass wastage, wood waste but we can produce best out of it. And it would be possible through briquetting machine press.

Briquetting Machine India.

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more people tend to use the clean energy. Biomass briquette is quiet a best alternative choice. Today, the people are well aware of this fact from their long experience in wood business, briquetting press is the best way to solve environmental problem.

Briquettes, a source of renewable energy. Briquetting plant is required to convert the biomass in high density fuels. The demand of briquettes are increasing day by day, and to fulfill this demand briquette machine production units are required. If we look around bio coal used everywhere. Not only in industries but household purpose also. One of the great & cheap substitute of coal. This is widely used technology because it does not contain any chemical or binder. So it is known as binder less technology.

Biomass briquette plant come into existence to meets this requirement. This project not only clean the waste but also a good source of income. Its helps many parties, starting from Farmer to end users of briquettes. Briquette machine manufacturer are the key point in whole process, who supplies all the required equipment’s for briquette plant.

Briquetting Machine India Manufacturer is a engine, who understand the market requirement and supply products accordingly. If we look at national level or international level lots of production units are available for briquette machine.

We can’t stop the biomass wastage, but we can produce best out of it. And it would be possible through briquette press machine.

Briquette press manufacturer made an investment in money, time, land, manpower & in marketing activity. And with the help of this they can provide qualitative product to world. Its works as a key factor.

Jay Khodiyar is a leading manufacturer of briquette machine since 1994. Currently we are having more than 3500 customer in all over world. We are exporting our product in many countries of the world. At present we are engaged in manufacturing of complete production line, including briquette press models, Turbo dryer, rotary dryer and crusher machine. The products (briquettes) made from our machinery are used as the substitution of the fire wood and the charcoal and are Eco friendly in the fire places.