Briquetting – An Amazing Technology To Cut Down Pollution

One of the biggest achievements in the direction of pollution control is invention of briquetting press machines.

One of the biggest achievements in the direction of pollution control is invention of briquetting machines. Besides reducing pollution, these machines also help the users get solid fuel that forms an important energy source for different industries like industrial boilers.

The major question that ticked my mind is what is the reason of pollution? Is it the energy source we use or the waste remained after burning conventional fuel like coal? Or is it the excessive use of traditional fuel sources that has brought these sources almost at the vanishing level?

We can’t hold one factor responsible completely, as all the reasons contribute in increasing pollution. And guess what, biomass briquetting plant provides solution to all these problems. This is a multipurpose technique, which recycles the waste and offers an eco-friendly solid fuel that can further be recycled multiple times.

If we just talk about India, it is an agriculture based country with around 70 percent of population dependent on this. This also gives an idea of how much would be the quantity of waste generated from agriculture. Have you ever thought how this waste is disposed? This is either burnt or dumped into land, which spoils the surroundings, drinking water and our environment drastically. Briquetting machines enable the farmers to utilize that waste to create solid fuel and get an extra source of income.

The most interesting fact about briquetting process is that, it includes no chemical usage. This is highly easy, hassle free and effective method with almost no investment except the money spent on buying a machine. The briquetting machine manufacturers offer plants with the latest technology to make this process easier and help the users get high quality final product.

The final product you get from the briquetting machines is the spherical or round logs. Extreme pressure is put on the waste material to bind the wood chips into a log, but the point worth noticing here is that, this is done without using any chemical. In short, briquettes make a perfect alternative of fossil fuels.

Biomass briquetting is a renewable source of energy and ranks at top among the other sources in this list including solar energy, biomass energy and thermal energy. Jay Khodiyar is a leading manufacturer of briquetting machines, wood chipper saw dust machine. Visit company website to have a look at the range of machines offered by the company and buy a most suitable machine.