Briquette with Fossil Fuels

S.NoFactorsBriquettesWood/Loose  Biomass/Rice HuskCoal
1.Calorific Value3800-45002500 to 30005000-5500
2.Ash Contents2  to 1020 to 25%20 to 40%
3.Pollution/Poisonous effluent SmokeNo Smoke No SulfurSmokeSulphur,Co2,
phosphorous fumes
4.Moisture8 %( max)25 to 35%10 to 20%
5.CostRs.4.5 /KgRs. 3.5 /kgRs. 8.0 /kg
6.Cost Rs./Kcal1.181.41.6
7.Efficiency of boiler75%70%75%
8 a.Actual usable value Rs./Kcal after losses1.291.751.92
8 b.RemarksBest value achieved per Rupee spentMedium value achieved per rupee spentLeast value achieved per rupee spent
9.Labour usageSingle person is enoughRequire maximum persons in handling and cuttingRequire two persons
10.Boiler efficiencyNormal Fly ash deposit on tubesRequire regular maintenanceHigh wear & tear
11.HandlingEasy because of packed materialTough require more areasTough material
Fossil Fuels
Heavy Furnace Oil9900Coal Grade ‘B’5000
Kerosene8900Coal Grade ‘C’4000
Diesel9400Fire Wood3300
LPG9400Char Coal6000
Calorific Value Of Briquette “White Coal”4000
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