Do you know, what is Briquette and what is Briquette Machine ?

Briquette is a quality fuel which made from agriculture waste, forestry waste and municipal waste. There is no requirement of any type of chemical to make this fuel. You can make fuel from your any kind of biomass, forestry waste, municipal waste, wood log, timber waste. Briquette is in high demand in the world and day by day use of briquette is increasing.

To make this fuel you required install briquette machine, briquetting machine, briquette plant, briquette press. With the briquette machine you can make briquette from any type of biomass, forestry waste , municipal waste and you do not require to mix any type chemical to make briquette.

If you have wood logs then first you can make powder from wood chipper, sawdust machine and then you can make briquette or if you have timber waste then you first make powder with the wood chipper machine and then you can make briquette.

If you have municipal waste material then you can make fuel briquette from it.

If you have any type of raw material then you can make fuel briquette from it. If moisture content in your raw material is more than 12% then you require to set up dryer system. Our biomass dryer system is very useful to remove moisture content from raw material like any type of biomass material, municipal waste material , wood powder material and saw dust.

You can make huge profit from fuel briquette by installing wood chipper, saw dust machine, biomass dryer system and briquetting machine.

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