Best Briquette Making Machine

What Is Briquette Making Machine?

Briquette Making Machine

Biomass Briquette has gained major significance in the last few years as a renewable clean energy! It is the only biofuel that can be easily transported and stored among the other solid renewable energy sources. This is a high-quality and affordable alternative fuel for coal made by recycling loose and waste material in a certain shape and density. For making high-quality biofuel in bulk and at a brisk pace, Briquette Making Machine is the best option!

What is Briquette Making Machine?

A Biomass Briquette Machine is widely used for turning the waste powder into a block to enhance the quality with conditions of loose powder and make it easy to use. This machine can deal with all kinds of raw-materials of different sizes and moisture levels.

How Briquettes Making Machine Works?

It comes with an in-feed screw conveyor for feeding dried and granulated raw-material properly. The raw-material enters into the machine keep where it is pushed into the briquetting chamber by the keep worm. The briquettes are prepared in the briquetting chamber with high pressure mechanical punch. No binder is required for binding the material. From the cooling line, the ready-to-use briquettes come out.

Applications of Briquettes Making Machine:

This high-end machine is ideal for making biofuel using agricultural or forest waste without binder or adhesive. It is widely used for heat generation as it is a perfect replacement of black coal. This powerful machine can make briquettes in cylindrical shapes of sizes from 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 90mm to 100mm.

Raw Material Used in Briquette Making Machine:

Agricultural or forest waste having moisture content up-to 12% such as saw dust, sandar dust, wood chips, rice husk, sunflower, groundnut shells, arhar stalks, coffee ground waste, sugar cane leaves and trash, mustard stalks, etc. Press mud, MSW, RDF, paper waste, etc. can also be used as raw material.

Jay Khodiyar’s Briquette Making Machines: A Revolution to Green and Clean Fuel Industry

Jay Khodiyar presents advanced Briquette Making Machine with state-of-the-art technology for meeting the demands of clients, who are looking for bulk production. The company has modern production base and experienced workforce to create the best machine for promoting environmental sustainability and recycling. Every single machine is designed with precision for transforming the biomass waste efficiently and providing maximum profits to the business of clients.
Benefits of Briquette Making Machines Jumbo 90:

  • Creates a compression force of approximately 2000 kg/cm² bar to design quality briquette of high density
  • No need to add binders to remarkably reduce the volume of raw material
  • High reduction of handling and transportation costs
  • Unmatched structural strength and compression pressure
  • Flexibility to design round shaped briquettes
  • Easy to be integrated into an existing production line