Biomass Dryer

What Is Biomass Dryer?

Biomass Dryer System


Biomass Dryer has got all the great potential to fulfil the different requirements at the same time. In order to develop it, we have done an extensive research and development by considering all the pragmatic solutions in mind such as agriculture waste, biomass waste, forest waste. In other words, it is meant to be promoting environment preservation.

However, we are extremely delighted to state that it is the latest drying equipment in which our company invested hugely on research, development and design. Significantly, it works smoothly by using screw conveyor, It is meant to dry the materials easily by the help of hot furnace. The raw material containing the high moisture such as sawdust, agriculture waste, and biomass waste can be dried up conveniently.

Of course! the time is taken to dry the materials hinges upon the amount of moisture and the size of the raw materials. Both constitute the objective of the performance of the machine. Else, nothing matters in the biomass dryer precisely as the industry experts.

JK Biomass Dryer Machine

JK Biomass Dryer Machine designed in such way that it is well capable of reducing the moisture to the minimum up to 10% which is precisely seems to be better than any other machines available in the market presently. Also, it takes very less time to get the materials dry.

Apart from this, the structure of the machine is robust and sleek in appearance so that it takes a very less space to install and repair.

Finally, we can conclude here by claiming that if you are looking for a Biomass Dryer which enjoys the higher capacity of production, then you can go for it. Also, we can offer customization as per your requirements.