Biomass Briquetting Project is phenomenon concept to reuse of agriculture waste. Now Agriculture business have innovative way to grow business and reuse of waste resources. Also modern entrepreneurs have new array to develop our country & protect world/society from global heating. ”Wherever fuel exists, trash comes to the atmosphere“. Now, Briquetting Press are the Solution. Biomass Briquetting Plant will be enormous stands where Briquetting machine convert from end to end agriculture discarded material into Bio Mass Fuel Briquettes.

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Real magnificence of the Bio mass fuel Briquettes is, the astonishing substitutes of so many fossil fuels like coal, lignite, firewood. Commonly fossil fuels ringing with great cost but Briquettes are not. No too much costs and no superlative substitutes of Biomass Briquettes are actually exists.

Biomass Briquette’s main contributors are Agriculture Surplus & Briquetting Instrument/ Machines. Where Agriculture Surplus were never useful before concept of Briquettes took place, secondly Briquetting Machines Industrialist who applied groundbreaking impressions and still creating variations into technology of Briquetting Machine as required to society.

This project is life-changing for people who are investing their agro waste into making briquettes because to destroy agro waste it’s again a costly. Destruction or dumbing is not a key of agro waste when we have finest choices. “Briquetting Machines equal to Best out of Waste”. Converting through Briquetting machine into White coal is prodigious investment.

The project is building wakefulness to society that we can discount our self from global roasting and we can retain environment unsoiled and smog free.

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