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Biomass Briquetting Machines Process

What Is Biomass Briquetting Machines?

Biomass Briquetting Machine 

Millions of tons of agricultural wastes are destroyed inefficiently that causes air pollution. If we recycle this biomass waste into high density fuel briquettes, we can create renewable source of energy to save high on money and energy.

Biomass Briquetting Machine are revolutionary machines that take this step of converting biomass waste into briquettes forward! They are specially designed machines used for creating a green fuel that is further utilized in the production of heat. This fuel is considered as the best replacement of coal and varied other fossil fuels.

How Biomass Briquetting Machine Work?

The granulated raw-material is properly fed into the machines using their in-feed screw conveyor. Their keep worm pushes the material into the briquetting chamber to form biofuel briquettes with high pressure mechanical punch without using any binder. These ready-to-use briquettes come out from the cooling line in cylindrical shapes having sizes from 40mm, 60mm, 70mm to 90mm as per the needs.

Raw Material Used In Biomass Briquetting Machine

Agricultural or forest wastes having moisture content up to 12% are used in the production of Biomass Briquettes. Saw dust, sandar dust, tree bark, pine needles, wild grasses, bamboo leaves and wood peeling waste can be used. In addition, rice husk, groundnut shells, coconut shells, sugar cane leaves, coir dust, paddy straw, coffee waste, tea waste, etc. are also used as raw material.

For getting the maximum benefits with minimum investment, choosing the right Biomass Briquetting Machines is required. Jay Khodiyar is a name to bank upon when it comes to modern, efficient and productive Biomass Briquetting Machines.

Why Choose Jay Khodiyar’s Biomass Briquetting Machine?

  • Unmatched finishing of cylindrical shapes briquettes in 90mm diameter and 450 mm length

900 to 2000 Kg/Hr 10% ± production capacity
Compression force of 2000 kg/cm² bar is used to get high quality briquettes
High structural strength, energy-saving design and easy installation in the existing production line