Return of investment

Briquettes Plant Incentives

  • Economical cheaper than other fuels
  • Reduce CO2 emission
  • Reduce pollution
  • Lower spontaneous Combustion risk
  • Easy to transport

Incentives by the Government: (Depending on State Government Rules)

The government of India has announced series of incentives for promoting this project for installing such plants to the entire printers engaged in developing alternative energy source.

The major incentives are:

  • 100% Depreciation: The final value of plant and machinery can be depreciated by the end of first year.
  • Excise Exemption: The solid fuel briquettes are totally free from Excise duty. The Government is also considering exclusion in the case of briquetting plant and machinery.
  • Sales Tax Exemption: The various states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi & Pondicherry have been exempted by government solid fuels briquettes from sales tax.
  • No Licenses: The entire industry of non-conventional energy resources has been exempted for obtaining any license for pollution by government.
  • Income tax Exemption from government for first five years.
  • The Central and State Government give subsidies for the briquetting machine.

Low rate of interest from govt. financial institutions

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