Pellet Press

Jay Khodiyar introduced new technology Briquette Press called Combo which can make both Briquette & Biomass Pellets from the same single machine without the need of any binder or adhesive.

Pellets are small size cylindrical shape of particles typically created by compressing an original material. Jay Khodiyar can make pellets from various raw material such as wood powder, sawdust, agricultural waste powder, animal compound etc. For Pelletizing process material should be granulated and free from any type of steel metal, soil and stone material.

Clients can bring Varieties of raw-material mixture to our demonstration plant for trails to achieve satisfactory results.

Also Know as briquettes press, briquetting press equipment, briquettes press exporters, briquetting equipment, briquettes equipment.

*Note: Acceptable moisture in raw material for pellets and briquette machine should not be more than 10%.

Combo Briquettes press

Model No. Production Requirements Power
JKBCP 75 Up-to 600 KG/HR (for Pellets)
Up-to 1,000 KG/HR (for Briquettes)
71 HP
JKBCP 90 Up-to 1000 Kg/HR (for Pellets)
Up-to 1800 Kg/HR (for Briquettes)
93 HP

Briquettes Press

Model No. Production Requirements Power
JK65 Up-to 800 Kg/HR 60 HP
JK75 Up-to 1000 Kg/HR 70 HP
JK90 Up-to 1800 Kg/HR 91 HP

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