Solid Waste Drying Systems

India is becoming more wasteful. The waste we generate is growing faster than our population and our economy. Municipal solid waste can be recycled and one product can be produced.

As you all know municipal solid waste has no value and this waste spread dirt and also increases pollution.

Jay Khodiyar is a trusted and leading manufacturer of drying systems that can dry municipal solid waste also we can customize the drying system as per your need for removing moisture from municipal solid waste.

Municipal solid waste has many benefits and we give you the solution to create a good product from this waste.

Municipal solid waste should not have metal like stone, iron, and glass. Municipal solid waste size should be small like 0 to 100mm and if the size is bigger then it requires crushing.

Our Solid Waste Drying system is designed to reduce moisture from 40% to 15%. Which is suitable for briquetting systems, biomass power plants, and other industries.

Are you looking for top quality drying system with a higher production capacity?

Jay Khodiyar will provide higher production capacity as per your requirement or we can specially customize our drying system for higher production as per your needs.

Technical Specifications

Input Raw Material

Any agriculture waste, any wood grinding

Raw Material Dia Size

Up to 5mm

Raw Material Length Size

Up to 10

In Put (Feed) Moisture

Up to 45%

Out Put Moisture

Up to 15%

Power Required

73 HP

Production Capacity

Up to 3000 Kg/Hr 10% ± (*The production capacity depends on the density and moisture of the raw material)

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