Briquetting Press Paraguay

Residue of agriculture, industry and forest as wastage are recycled by constituting significant proportion to cure green Earth with the help of Bio product by using Briquettes instead of Coal. It has been estimated that wastes can account above 40% of world wide agricultural sector into a Bio fuels.

Jay Khodiyar as an leading manufacturer in biomass, wood powder Machine to lower down the size of raw material, sawdust Dryer Machine to diminish moisture content and Briquetting Press to produce ash free Briquette which is capable to replace all non conventional resources used in industries as an Energy fuels.

Bio-energy is the biggest issue at the moment and Paraguay is a country with great potential with maximum forest land in Paraguay where nearby 50% people are depended on agriculture sector as more and more trees are planted and maximum use of wood for manufacturing different products so the emphasis on cleanliness and waste management is done that helps to regenerate bio fuels which works as an substitute to all non conventional resources.

Paraguay emphasis on using bio fuel aimed at cutting dependence on oil and to export renewable fuels to world markets. The country has no oil reserves by own and has to rely on costly imports to meet the needs of fuel through Briquettes Plant Manufacturer.

The total energy consumption in Paraguay is characterized by having a huge proportion of renewable energy by adopting Briquettes Press, Briquette Plant, Briquetting Machine. In fact, 66% of the total energy comes from renewable energies which is more in demand which add on benefit in development of Paraguay by exercising white coal

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