Briquettings Press In Uganda

During 20th-21st century it is been observed the uncontrollable prices of natural resources that adversely affecting to Society our Indian Economy. So this is the right time to replace the fuel by 100% natural product called Briquettes/White Coal.

It is to be heard that 80% of gas and coal must be reserved under the ground to prevent footstep towards global warming but there is an adverse effect by reduction natural resources which is harmful for environment. With more and more utilization of Fuel and other resources by Industries and other usage effects directly to our Environment causes resistance in resources which immediately exercise prevention to Green Earth.

Agro forestry has been claimed to have high probability of improving agricultural land and preventing Environment pollution with providing various benefits. By adapting the updated Briquetting plant help the country to sustain in batter manner along with development in major sectors. With significant progress in reasonable time we Jay Khodiyar Group have developed a huge Market in Nigeria where there is a availability of Wood waste that is used to form Briquettes.

In Nigeria, people were using Charcoal for thermal applications in major industries which cause ash and hazardous for environment by creating pollution. Slowly and gradually people are aware about Eco friendly Biomass Plant manufacturing Briquettes which replaces all fossil fuels which can be regularly used for heating and boiling applications.

Agricultural waste in Nigeria such as groundnut shell, yam peels, coconut shell, mango peels, palm oil mill effluents, corn cob, etc are available in huge amount which are recycled in a best way through Briquetting Press to manufacture superior quality of White Coal.

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