Briquetting Project Manufacturer

During this scenario, where there is a requirement to manage wastes and to reuse and recycle, the technologies for recovery of energy from wastes plays major role in reducing problems like global warming . Moreover regenerating of substantial energy, Biomass Press facilitates to convert waste into best which uses waste as a raw material rather than disposal.

Due to more and more rises of agriculture and forest sector, managing waste is the biggest concern and to prevent land pollutionand maintaining green environment, Waste Recycling must be exercised as an utmost way to save Society with Green Earth.

Jay Khodiyar with innovation products create an awareness in Namibia for new business development opportunity and grab the market to spread green footstep with a motto to satisfy our clients. With our best Environment friendly products given a new hope to people for job opportunity in new sector that nurture Environment and produces Energy fuel through Briquetting Equipment.

Namibia located in west coast Africa with huge agricultural land, wood and corn cubs are available in bulk which is used for many purposes where the waste of it can be used to manufacture high quality Briquettes with high calorific value which is in demand for industrial usage.

Bio energy can target to develop agriculture sector and rural development where more and more agriculture is used to produce an Energy fuel through Briquette Press which ultimate provides benefits to save resources using bio coal, economic benefits, reduces unemployment, development of society as a whole and potentially contributing to environmental objectives with Go Green concept.

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