Briquetting Plant in Latvia

Recycling waste is not new but to reuse agro-forestry waste in such a way that facilitate and nurture Green Environment along with sustaining non conventional resources is adopted now a day. Biomass as a latent energy that already in demand with limelight future benefits with a due concern of rising pollution be increase volume of waste and global warming where the problem is still not solved completely in Latvia.

White Coal produced from biomass provides economic and social advantages that increases standard of living by diminishing the emissions of CO2. Briquettes used as bio fuel in major industries are cheaper as compare to coal, as Briquettes as made up of Biomass residue. So a new technology is adapted which is in huge demand for Green Environment and Business Opportunity too is Briquetting Equipments including biomass Crusher Machine, biomass dryer and Briquettes Press.

Latvia with traditions in utilization of biomass for energy resource. Biomass is an organic raw material which can be easily recycled to regenerate the substitute of fossil fuel which is used in boiling and heating applications that assist to diminish the dependencies from fossil fuel.

In Latvia with huge availability of unused land can be utilized in the finest way by installing Biomass Plant. We Jay Khodiyar Group are Briquettes Machine Exporter in most of the Countries with a due concern to sustain Green Environment by managing and converting agricultural and forest waste into Gold which even provides an employment opportunity to rural area and farmers to grow which directly affects to societal development.

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