Briquetting Plant In Cyprus

The Cyprus policy for the management of waste follows the waste hierarchy (prevention, preparing for re-use, recycling of wood,agricultural crops etc.) By priority they focus on efficient management of natural resources by using agriculture waste to reproduce energy that can replace non conventional resources through our  Biomass Briquettes Machine.

With the process of Recycling through Briquetting Plant, standard of living increases due to cheapest & Eco friendly product that encourages of re-use, recycling and recovery and the environmental management in order to reduce to the minimum any negative effects to the human health and the environment.

As the climate is very humid so people are suffering from spoilage of raw material and that must be dry well where our Turbo Dryercan facilitate in drying of raw material to reduce the extra moisture present in it. After drying the raw material can directly used to manufacture Briquettes through Biomass Briquetting Machine.

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