Briquetting Plant In California

As we all are aware about rising prices of fuel and its lack of availability. The world’s major energy sector rely heavily on the fossil fuels coal, petrol, diesel and natural gas as sources of thermal energy, gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels.

As lot of time required to have natural resources so the solution is carried out is to regenerate energy in solid form from Biomass residue. The ultimate renewable resource with high thermal energy that can replace fuel like coal, wood, diesel, kerosene, etc. is used for thermal applications in Industries.

Aim of using biomass as a raw material is of capturing solar energy and carbon from CO2 in growing biomass, which is converted to other fuels or is used directly as a source of thermal energy for heating and boiling purpose.

The idea of using renewable biomass as a substitute for fossil fuels was difficult but with new bio technology it seems to be easy by adopting Briquetting Press Manufacturer .

California with abundant resources still promoting the use of renewable energy by programs and events to sustain natural resources and environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission. With high sun temperature in California, they don’t need to dry the waste, can directly use agro-forestry waste to manufacture Briquettes.

With major forest area in California, huge amount of wood waste is available which can be utilized in the finest way rather than to burn anywhere, dispose or use it directly causes pollution. Saw dust, wood chips as wood waste plays a chief role in manufacturing solid cylindrical pure Eco-friendly White coal through our Briquetting Press Exporter.

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